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Masjid Pakistan

▪ We have started a project to build a masjid for the isaale sawaab of our beloved Master Haji Allah Ditta.

▪The masjid will be built and managed by Ummah Welfare Trust, a reliable charity based in Bolton, UK and managed by ulama.

▪The masjid will be built in a rural area with no existing mosque in the vicinity, after careful surveying of several sites by Ummah Welfare Trust’s ground team in Pakistan.

▪The masjid will cost £7,000 to build and will accommodate approximately 100 worshippers.

▪Everyone is encouraged to contribute wholeheartedly as appreciation for Haji’s selfless service to your children, grandchildren and community. He was a man with a vision, and look at what he has left us with…a house of Allah that will remain until the very end, serving and preserving the imaan of our many future generations inshaAllah


Methods of Donation

1. 💷 CASH - Get in touch with Umair on the number below.
2. 💳 CARD - Pay by card using the button below/GoFundMe.

For questions and more information, feel free to contact;

Umair Shafique        +44 7936 032342

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