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Give charity every day, even if it be a penny. Given with sincerity and pure intention, it could be your ticket to Jannah.


Sawaab Seekers Sadaqah is a non-profit website, dedicated to bringing you reliable projects and opportunities to gain Sadaqa E Jariyah [continual reward].


We source our projects from masjids in the locality and through acquaintances, who are looking for funds for various causes which will result in sawaab [good deeds], for the donor. We run under the guidance and advice of local Ulama in Lancashire.


If the cause requires a large sum of money, we commit to collecting just a fraction of it. Therefore you may see some projects appearing more than once.


We always provide receipt of the total donations upon delivery to the respective organisation as well as trying our best to provide pictures of completed projects, where possible.

Sadqa E Jariyah is one of the few things that will continue to help a person even once we pass away from this world. It is important that we ponder over our inevitable destination, the grave, and make preparation for it.


We should run towards any opportunities to gain this continual reward, even if it be with a few pounds. The true significance of this will only come to realisation when you're covered in soil. Those who give will see it, and those who missed out on such opportunities, will also see it.


You can also use these projects to donate on behalf of relatives who have passed away.


May Allah accept your efforts as well as ours. We humbly request you to remember us, the intended projects, the Muslim Ummah, and humanity at large, in your duas.

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